February 2013

Film capacitors

MKP types with reduced volume

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TDK Corporation presents EPCOS MKP film capacitors of the B3267*P* series with a significantly reduced volume. For example the type with a capacitance of 1 µF and a rated voltage of 450 V DC has dimensions of only 8.0 x 17.5 x 13.0 mm³ thanks to a high capacitance density with a lead spacing of 10mm. This corresponds to a volume reduction of around 40 percent compared with the predecessor type with a lead spacing of 15 mm.

The new series comprises types with lead spacings of 10 mm, 15 mm and 22.5 mm, respectively. The capacitors are designed for rated voltages of 450 V DC, 520 V DC and 630 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 68 nF to 2.2 µF. These components are suitable for a continuous operating temperature of 125 °C. The plastic of the case satisfies UL 94 V-0 specifications. Halogen-free versions are also available upon request.

Typical applications of these capacitors are passive PFC as well as output filtering for ballasts, LED power supplies and switch-mode power supplies.


  • UL 94 V-0: Classification of flammability of plastics. The V-0 classification permits no drips of flaming particles and any flames must self-extinguished within 10 seconds.
  • Halogens: Chemical elements such as bromine, iodine and chlorine, which are added to plastics to reduce their flammability.

Main applications

  • Passive PFC circuits
  • Output filtering of power supplies

Main features and benefits

  • Reduced case size: For example, dimensions of only 8.0 x 17.5 x 13.0 mm³ with a lead spacing of 10 mm for a capacitance of 1 µF and a rated voltage of 450 V DC.

Key data

Rated voltage
[V DC]
Lead spacing
B32671P*450, 520, 630100.068 to 1.0
B32672P*450, 520, 630150.1 to 2.2
B32673P*450, 520, 63022.50.33 to 2.2



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