September 2009

EMC filters

Sine-wave filters for long motor cables

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EPCOS is extending its comprehensive range of EMC filters for frequency converters: new sine-wave filters reduce the proportion of high clock frequencies at the output of converters. This allows the interference-free operation of variable speed drives with long motor cables. Sine-wave filters of the B84143V*R227 series are designed for continuous currents of 4 to 320 A at rated voltages of between 520 and 690 V. The permissible clock frequency of the converters is between 1.8 and 16 kHz, depending on the type.

Motors are often connected to converters over distances of more than 100 m. The parasitic capacitances of such long cables result in reactive power. Motor noises and increased eddy current losses are also produced. EPCOS sine-wave filters significantly reduce these negative effects. Moreover, they reduce filtering requirements at the input of the converters, so that less expensive types can be used there.

Where it is also desirable to dispense with shielded motor cables, it is recommended to use the B84143V*R127 filter series with SineFormer® technology.



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