Samsung Green Procurement-Program

Korea-based Samsung Electronics has certified EPCOS as an eco-partner. With this certification, EPCOS is now environmentally a preferred supplier of SAW filters to the world’s third largest mobile phone manufacturer.

In early 2005, Samsung initiated its Green Procurement Audit to certify as eco-partners those companies who supply environmentally friendly raw materials, packaging materials and electronic components. Certification is issued solely to suppliers that fulfill the demands of Samsung’s own 0QA-2049 eco-quality standards, which go beyond the legal requirements.

Since before July 1, 2006, EPCOS uses lead only in exceptional cases, where it is technically necessary. Thus, EPCOS implements the requirements of the EU regulations completely and consistently. Above and beyond statutory and administrative requirements, we are continuously working to minimize the burden on the environment and to reduce consumption of energy and natural resources. Potential impact on the environment is assessed and incorporated in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage.