Sony Green Partner Program

EPCOS' commitment to environmental protection and sparing use of natural resources applies to production processes and product development alike. Sony, for example, purchases components only from suppliers rated as Green Partners. Suppliers acquire this status if they meet Sony's strict requirements on avoidance of hazardous substances and can provide proof in an audit. EPCOS passed all Green Partner quality tests since the first qualifying date of April 1, 2003. The latest certificate was renewed in 2010 and is valid until June 30, 2012.


Since before July 1, 2006, EPCOS uses lead only in exceptional cases, where it is technically necessary. Thus, EPCOS implements  the requirements of the EU regulations completely and consistently. Above and beyond statutory and administrative requirements, we are continuously working to minimize the burden on the environment and to reduce consumption of energy and natural resources. Potential impact on the environment is assessed and incorporated in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage.