Size Corporate certificate ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
417 [kB] Certificate
  Size Corporate certificate ISO 50001 Energy Management System
137 [kB] Certificate
  Size Corporate certificate ISO 9001 and site-specific certificates ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System
515 [kB] Certificate
3,113 [kB] Collection of all site-specific certificates
113 [kB] Akureyri, Iceland
Foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
133 [kB] Batam, Indonesia
Ceramic Components, Sensors
127 [kB] Bawal, India
Film capacitors
131 [kB] Berlin, Germany
138 [kB] Deutschlandsberg, Austria
Piezo and protection devices, sensors, SAW components
134 [kB] Gravataí, Brazil
Film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, metallized film
139 [kB] Heidenheim, Germany
Inductors, film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors
130 [kB] Hongqi, China
132 [kB] Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Surge arresters, switching spark gaps
109 [kB] Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Surge arresters, switching spark gaps (plating)
135 [kB] Kalyani, India
Ferrites, ferrite granulate
109 [kB] Kutina, Croatia
Piezo and protection devices
111 [kB] Milan, Italy
Foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
136 [kB] Málaga, Spain
Film capacitors
132 [kB] Munich, Germany
SAW components
132 [kB] Nashik, India
Film capacitors, metallized film
140 [kB] Singapore
SAW components
109 [kB] Singapore
SAW components
135 [kB] Stahnsdorf, Germany
136 [kB] Sumperk, Czech Republic
Ferrites, piezo and protection devices
133 [kB] Szombathely, Hungary
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, inductors
135 [kB] Wuxi, China
SAW components
130 [kB] Xiamen, China
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
98 [kB] Xiaogan, China
Surge arresters, switching spark gaps
132 [kB] Zhuhai, China
Protection devices, film capacitors, sensors

According to the IATF regulations for ISO/TS 16949 certificates are only issued for production locations.

  Size Site-specific certificate IRIS (International Railway Industrial Standard)
505 [kB] Málaga, Spain
Film capacitors
227 [kB] Zhuhai, China
Film capacitors
  Size Site-specific certificates ISO 13485 (Medical devices)
239 [kB] Berlin, Germany
238 [kB] Stahnsdorf, Germany
  Size CSR assessment certificates
1,557 [kB] Batam, Indonesia
97 [kB] Bawal, India
24 [kB] Berlin, Germany
190 [kB] Deutschlandsberg, Austria
1,557 [kB] Gravataí, Brazil
97 [kB] Heidenheim, Germany
97 [kB] Hongqi, China
166 [kB] Johor Bahru, Malaysia
98 [kB] Kalyani, India
267 [kB] Kutina, Kroatia
1,560 [kB] Málaga, Spain
24 [kB] Munich, Germany
97 [kB] Nashik, India
1,555 [kB] Singapore
191 [kB] Šumperk, Czech Republic
98 [kB] Szombathely, Hungary
97 [kB] Wuxi, China
1,559 [kB] Xiamen, China
1,559 [kB] Xiaogan, China
1,558 [kB] Zhuhai, China