Data logger DataLog SD


  • Accessory for PF-controllers BR7000.

  • Recording of measured values on SD-card.

  • Evaluation of values with Windows based software.

  • Fast discharge for fast reconnection of capacitors


  • Recording of all grid parameters as well as of all relevant parameters
    of a compensation system, including switching sequences,
    switching on-time of all steps, and temperature.

  • Direct connection to the controller interface via
    Ethernet cable is possible, 0.5 m cable is included.

  • Recording time up to several weeks.

  • User-friendly evaluation software for Windows PCs is included.

  • SD-card 4 GB included.

  • Ready to use with a plastic casing measuring 66 x 28 x 66 mm.


Including software MMI-energy


  • Power factor correction equipment


  • Accessory for MMI6000/MMI700 and BR6000/BR7000 for conversion of counter impulses (Q+, Q-, P+, P-, synchronic) on RS485 (MODBUS-RTU protocol)

  • Accessory for the processing of counter values in the PF controller
    (controlling of reactive power related to counter impulses instead of current transformer)

  • Allows processing of counter values via Windows-software MMI-energy
    (included in the delivery): cost centre management, visualization and evaluation


Power consumption:

> 1 VA

Inputs (S0-interface):

5 … 27 V:
5 impulse inputs for
P+, P- (consumption active power, delivery)
Q+, Q- (reactive power inductive, capacitive)
Synchronic impulse


Interface RS485 (Modbus-RTU)
4-pole plug connector included in the delivery
(via adapter: system interface RS485 possible)

Customer benefits:

  • Cross-linking of up to 32 devices (UCM-5, MMI6000, MMI7000) at MODBUS

  • Evaluation software MMI-energy included in the delivery



  • Connection of BR6000/BR7000 or other devices with interface RS485 to a PC with USB-interface

  • Connection of several devices at RS485 possible


  • Compact form in plastic casing

  • Connection: RS485 four pole terminal with mating plug for 1:1 connection with BR6000

  • USB: USB-B standard bushing, USB cable included in delivery

  • Power supply: Via USB-connection of the PC

  • Configuration: Plug and play

  • Ambient temperature: -20 … +75 °C



  • Connection of the interface terminal of BR6000, BR7000 or MMI6000 via RJ45-standard cable (1:1)

  • Connection of several devices at the RS485 bus with simple connection (one click)

    • Connection of several BR6000 or BR7000 to a PC with BR7000-SOFT

    • Coupling of several BR6000 with each other

    • Coupling of BR6000 or BR7000 with MMI6000


1 x RJ45-BR6000

4-pole interface-terminal BR6000/BR7000 to 1 x RJ45 jack

2 x RJ45-BR6000

4-pole interface-terminal BR6000/BR7000 to 2 x RJ45 jack (in parallel)

2 x RJ45-MMI6000

4-pole interface-terminal MMI6000 to 2 x RJ45 jack



Control device for coupling of 3 to 5 compensation systems with PF controllers BR7000-I/S485
3 possibilities of coupling

  • Coupling with coupling switches
  • Ring coupling
  • Coupling via separate coupling bus bars

Comfortable visualization of measured values


  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC
  • Power consumption: 0.4A
  • Interfaces: LAN; USB
  • COM2: RS232/RS422/RS485 (25 pol. Sub-D)
  • Software pre-installed
  • Display: 7”, 800 x 480 pixel


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Further information see Product Profile

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