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Fire danger eliminated

The new varistor from EPCOS eliminates the risk of fire or explosion resulting from overvoltages or excessive leakage currents. The special plastic coating also prevents smoke from developing.

December 2007
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Power capacitors

Link circuit capacitors in dry technology for HVDC

EPCOS has developed a new power capacitor design in dry technology for the link circuits of high-voltage DC (HVDC) transmission systems.

September 2007
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EMC filters

SIFI-F 2-line filters for medical applications

The new, compact 2-line filters of the SIFI-F (B84111F*M) series are now also available in a medical version. Not only do they offer all the advantages of the standard SIFI-F version, they also boast an extremely low maximum leakage current of 2 μA.

June 2007